Content Library for Advisors by Lead Pilot

Content Marketing Library and Platform for Financial Advisors

Content Library by Lead Pilot: blog articles, videos, infographics, social media marketing, Email Marketing

Lead Pilot combines a large (and ever-growing) content library with marketing automation and analytics software. The library contains both timely articles from today’s headlines and evergreen content that won’t go out of style.

The library can be searched using filters and/or by article categories and includes:

  • Personal finance content
  • Lifestyle content
  • Infographics
  • Videos

$249/month or $2748/year ($229/month)

a. Blog Articles

The blog articles are fully customizable. Edit it them so they represent you and your firm:

  • Add more in-depth or personalized content
  • Remove sentences or paragraphs that don’t represent your message
  • Articles are already generically optimized for search, but you can improve the SEO for your target area or audience
  • Add your unique voice to make it personal to you and your readers

Each article comes with a full-size featured image for your blog and social media making them easy to publish and share.

Sample Lead Pilot Articles:
Staying the Course – Coronavirus and Stock Market Volatility
Stimulus Checks Are Coming for Americans: Here’s What You Need to Know
Thinking of Investing During the Market Downturn? Make These 5 Considerations First?

b. Advisor Videos

Choose pre-produced advisor videos from Lead Pilot’s video library. Use them on your website, landing pages, newsletters, or share them on social media.

c. Infographics

Turn complex data into easy-to-understand graphics. Infographics are a graphical representation of information and a great way of connecting and engaging with your audience.

Sample Infographics:
Investing Through the Ages
The $2 Trillion Economic Stimulus Bill Has Passed

d. Social Media Marketing

Share your blog posts, snippets from the articles, video, infographics, or your own content/commentary. Your posts can be pre-scheduled down to the minute, and are archived for compliance.

e. Email Marketing

Easy to create email marketing campaigns – use content from the library, or create your own. Emails can be pre-scheduled, segmented for more personalized content, and customizable. They are automatically archived for compliance.

f. Lead Scoring and Profiles

The Lead Pilot AI will help Advisors identify, connect, and track leads as they move through your funnel.

g. Marketing Analytics

Track how effective your marketing efforts are in moving your bottom line through detailed reporting and analytics covering all aspects of Lead Pilot.