High Speed WordPress Hosting for Advisors

Speed, performance, and security... because you don't need something else to lose sleep over

Too many advisors (and web designers) take hosting for granted – assume it to be a commodity – ultimately pursuing the lowest-priced option.

However, hosting is a key factor in determining your website’s performance (loading speed and user experience are both SEO ranking signals and should be part of a comprehensive SEO strategy) and security, and should be a priority rather than the afterthought it so often is.

Our hosting is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We manually set up each server to optimize your website’s performance. This has resulted in a 99.9% uptime for our client’s sites, and improved speeds by up to 80%. 

While most hosting companies offer shared hosting, which means that you’re sharing a designated server with other websites – any one of which could slow your site down. We offer Cloud hosting, meaning we can allot the amount of server space you need for your site and your site alone. As your site grows, or if you have a large traffic spike, there is excess server space for you to either grow permanently or absorb the excess traffic temporarily. 

Page Speed as an SEO Ranking Factor

Page speed was first introduced as a small ranking factor for desktop results in 2010. The “Speed Update,” announced in 2018, finally started targeting loading speeds for mobile devices.

Google is currently rolling out the Core Vitals update (through August 2021) which will further increase the importance of speed, specifically focusing on:

  1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): The time it takes for the main content of a page to load. It should be no longer than 2.5 seconds.
  2. First Input Delay: The time it takes for the page to become interactive – ideally, less than 100 ms.
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift: the amount of unexpected shift or movement of a page’s content once it loads. It should be less than 0.1.

Googles Core Vitals Update

A Google study from 2017 demonstrated that as loading speed increases, the probability of a bounce (leaving your site, “bouncing” back to the search pages) goes up after 3 seconds.

Google Page Speed affect on conversions

My guess is, that if that study were repeated today, it would reveal that we are even less patient with loading speed today.

According to another study of nearly 150,000 websites, pages that ranked #1 on Google load at least 20% faster on average than the #6 ranked page. 

Security Benefits of Hosting your Website with Advisor Web Marketing

A 2019 study found that forty-six percent of web applications have critical vulnerabilities and another 41% have “medium” security risks. At AWM we take the security of your website seriously. Our hosting package includes:

  • Automatic plugin and WordPress core updates so that you are always running the most secure versions
  • Daily redundant backups (on server and off server) in case your data is ever lost
  • Upgraded Bot attack and Brute Force protection
  • Upgraded Header Security: Often overlooked, this step protects against most common attacks, and, as a bonus, can improve your SEO.

WordPress Hosting

Check your Header Security here.

  • Hide Login page: Typically, hackers can easily access a website’s login page, the challenge is then to determine your user name and password. Our security goes a step further in that we hide access to the login page.
  • We have ongoing monitoring of our servers and are alerted if there are any issues
  • Free support for site recovery and restoration should anything ever happen to your website.


Fast and Secure Managed Hosting

$ 59
  • High Speed Hosting
  • Local Cloud Server
  • Secure SSL encryption
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Automatic Updates
  • Essential Security Plugins
  • Cloudflare for DNS Security
  • CDN for Speed
  • WP Rocket Caching for Speed
  • Image Compression
  • SMTP Secure Server Email
  • Website Downtime Alerts
  • Contact Form Spam Protection
  • Free Emergency Support
  • * Add Monthly Reporting ($14.99)


Plus Website Management

$ 99
  • All of the "Standard" Features
  • Up to 1 Hour of Site Work each Month ($100 Value)
  • Add Monthly Report ($14.99)
Best Value