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Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

According to a study by ahrefs, 90.63% of all web pages get NO traffic from Google, and 92.42% of keywords are searched 10 times per month or less (ahrefs). This is where SEO comes in. 

Organic search (the focus of SEO) accounts for 53% of all website traffic – more than social media, social media advertising, Google Ads, direct traffic, and traffic from links on other sites – all combined! In fact, SEO drives 1000+% more traffic than organic social media (Brightedge). 

Our 5-Step Advisor SEO Flywheel Framework


We typically set up SEO campaigns at $1000 per month, then determine how long it will take to complete based on the work that is required. For example, the above 5 phases generally take 4-7 months to complete, but may be shorter or longer depending on what services you need and how many pages/blog posts your website has.

The process can be completed faster if you want to commit to a larger monthly budget. 

Upon completion of the campaign, we can determine how much support, if any, you would like to have moving forward.

We also offer a la carte services if you are looking for something other than a campaign.

Brent is very knowledgeable in boosting SEO and has helped us maintain a first page Google ranking in our area for many years.
Advisor SEO Testimonial | Rick Kahler
Rick Kahler
Kahler Financial Group

Phase 1: SEO Road Map

Phase One includes our on-boarding process, compiling data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other SEO tools, and analyzing the data and your site to determine what needs to be done. Mapping a route to ranking success.

Phase 2: Blog Audit & Optimization

This is where we dive into your existing blog content. We do a comprehensive blog-by-blog audit determining best use for each piece of content – leave as is, update, rewrite, optimize, redirect (remove).

In addition to getting the most out of your existing content, this allows us to identify content gaps. We use these content gaps, along with the keyword research we completed in Phase One, to build out a Content Calendar and Content Briefs for your team.

The Content Briefs are more than just a list of topics. Each Brief includes the suggested title, keywords, how long the article should be, subheadings that should be included, and more that will help that piece rank against existing competition.

* Does not include content creation

Phase 3: On-Page Website SEO

Phase Three focuses on your website and web pages (not blog) and is aligned to the needs of your site. It is designed to ensure that the SEO fundamentals are in place and your site is ready to soar.

  • website architecture
  • keyword research
  • on-page SEO for your web pages
  • website performance.

This too is the stage where we clean up broken backlinks and repair 404 errors.

* Does not include content creation

Phase 4: Local SEO (Google Maps)

Google (and otherSearch Engine Optimization for Financial Planners search engines) offer a ranking advantage to local businesses.

If you have an address within a city, you are eligible to appear in the Local Search Results (i.e. Google Maps and Google 3-pack) for that city. 

This phase focuses on the extra steps that are required to optimize your site for local search rankings, including:

  • Setting up or optimizing your Google My Business page
  • Setting up, or optimizing, your account with the other local search engines
  • Registering your business with the local aggregators
  • Building and/or fixing business citations
  • Content mark-up for local search

Phase 5: Content Optimization

Now that the SEO foundation is set and you’re producing great new content, we revisit your existing body of content and implement the recommendations from the blog audit in Phase Two so that it is working as hard as you do.

Finally, we develop and implement an internal linking campaign that will make sure that all of your content works together to elevate your most important pages (keywords).

* Does not include content creation or rewrites

Reporting: SEO Dashboard

We believe in complete transparency regarding the work we are doing and the results we are getting. 

While working with Advisor Rankings you will 24/7 access to our SEO Dashboard where you can track your keyword rankings, changes in ranking. traffic, backlinks, goals and more.

The Dashboard can be customized to show the data you are most interested in tracking and seeing.

II. A la Carte SEO Services

Don’t need a full-on SEO campaign but would like help in specific areas? Order from our a la carte menu…

Full Blog Audit

$TBD (depends on the number of blog posts)

This process can provide a powerful SEO boost to your old, stale, or out-of-date existing content.

We do a comprehensive blog-by-blog audit determining best use for each piece of content – leave as is, update, rewrite, optimize, redirect (remove).

Although any content refreshes or rewrites are extra, we do optimize each individual blog post and develop and implement an internal linking strategy.

Blog Audit for SEO

Blog Post Optimization

$65 per post

This service includes finding an appropriate image for the article, formatting the post, optimizing it for search (content mark-up, title tag, H-tags, meta description, alt. text, internal linking) publishing it, and sharing it to your social media accounts.