SEO expert and the owner of Advisor Rankings. I initially met Brent when he worked with me on the creation of the Serenity Financial Consulting website a few years ago; he completely blew my mind. Time and time again, Brent has shown me how much of a difference even a small amount of focused time spent on SEO can make to a business. Today’s conversation was incredibly fun and informative. Brent starts from the beginning, explaining what exactly SEO (or search engine optimization) is and what it means for financial advisors. Join Brent and I as we nerd out on SEO, explore the four areas of SEO for financial advisors, and share how you can leverage each one of them for your firm’s site. You don’t want to miss this episode — it’s chock full of information and even some tricks that you can easily implement today that will have a dramatic effect on your business. Listen in below!

 ~ Alan Moore, XYPN

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