Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

The fuel that ignites SEO

Content Marketing for Financial Advisors

Competition for Google’s first page has become fierce in the financial services industry. The search engine results pages (SERPs) are cluttered with articles from advisors, personal finance blogs, and major media companies.

It is no longer enough to “write good content.” “Good content” gets lost in the noise. You have to be strategic in order to rank and bring visitors to your website.

It requires looking beyond the broad topics and keywords to find relevant topics, that are searched for, and for which you can rank.

Our Content Writing Process

  1. We get to know your services and target audience so we can find relevant topics.
  2. We do in-depth keyword research to find topics relevant to your services and your audience, and that you have a chance to rank for.
  3. Reverse engineer the content that is currently ranking for that keyword so that we know what Google is looking for.
  4. Create a detailed Content Brief including the keyword research, specification of currently ranking content, and an outline for the article
  5. Use A.I. to write the article based on our direction and requirements.
  6. Our writer then completes the first edit, looking at readability, content accuracy, flow, and grammar.
  7. Following that, our technical editor makes a second round of edits primarily looking at making it more human – removing the repetitious ideas, words, and unnatural sounding language common to A.I..
  8. A third editor looks for anything that may have been missed during the first two edits.
  9. Finally, it is sent to the client for approval. The client can send it back to us for more work, or approve it.
  10. We will post the article to your website, find a suitable image, optimize the article, and publish it.

SEO Launch & Retainer Clients

Content Marketing FAQs

Content Marketing has always played an important role in effective SEO campaigns, however with the introduction of the Google Panda and Penguin updates, which targeted poor quality content sites and bad linking practices, quality Content Marketing has finally been recognized as the champion of SEO, traffic generation, and lead generation.

  • The search engines have a “freshness” factor that is considered a ranking signal. Is your site stagnate or dynamically growing and changing. Each blog post is considered a new web page.
  • Each blog article has the potential of being found in search giving you the opportunity to rank for more keywords. Most pages that rank, actually rank for many variations of a keyword.
  • Backlinks are an important element in ranking. Whether links are built, or developed naturally, you will need linkable assets – in other words, good content.
  • More content gives visitors a reason to stick around longer, indicating to the search engines that the site provides useful information.
In addition to drawing qualified traffic to your website, content marketing will help position you as an industry expert, and to develop trust and loyalty among those that read your content – first drawing them into the sales funnel, then moving them through the various stages, and finally resulting in some of them becoming clients as they move out of it.
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings as discussed above
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Better targeted traffic coming to your website
  • Demonstrates your expertise – develops trust and earns loyalty
  • Capture Leads – grow your list
  • Nurture and Convert Leads

Content Marketing can present many challenges for advisors working to grow their business:

  • It’s time-consuming
  • It can be expensive to outsource
  • You constantly have to come up with new ideas about what to write.
  • Needs to be highly focused to be effective
  • You may not like writing, seeing yourself on video, hearing your voice on audio, etc.
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Tracking value