WordPress Web Design for Financial Advisors

"If your website isn't hosted with WordPress, hire a new web designer." ~ Michael Kitces

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Your website — the “hub” of your digital marketing strategy — needs to do more than look nice to prospective visitors.

It needs to convey your firm’s unique brand, speak to your target clients, and work together with your marketing spokes (social media, SEO, content creation, advertising, etc.) in order to answer questions, build trust, and deliver leads.

3 WordPress Website Packages for Advisors

All of our WordPress sites include
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • Premium WPForms plugin
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Access to Photo Library
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Structured Data set-up
  • Either the Divi or Astra theme

1. Custom WordPress Website

Starting at $3500

A 100% custom WordPress website featuring the world’s best Content Management System (CMS) and hand-built by our professional agency to your specifications.

WordPress Websites for Financial Advisors
Kahler Financial Group
WordPress Websites for Financial Advisors - Charis Legacy Partners
Charis Legacy Partners
WordPress Websites for Financial Advisors - Tree Street Advisory
Tree Street Advisory

2. WP Frames: Pre-built WordPress Websites


To help reduce the overall cost of your website, we have pre-designed popular models. Our WP Frame sites offer WordPress CMS, custom branding, are great for SEO, are mobile-friendly, and can scale with your business.

WordPress Websites for Financial Advisors | WP Frame One
WP Frame 1
Wordpress websites for advisors
WP Frame 2
WordPress Website for Advisors
WP Frame 3
WordPress Websites for Financial Advisors
WP Frame 4

3. WP Frame Subscription WordPress Website

$1000 Set-up fee, $109/month*

If you prefer to use a subscription WordPress website for your firm, we offer that with our WP Frame sites. The subscription price includes the WP Frame site of your choice and our Standard hosting package.

We can also set up our Custom sites as a subscription package (custom proposal based on site requirements).  

**  Website packages do not include content

Subscription Site

WP Frame

$ 109
  • Set-up Fee: $1000
  • Hosting Included

Add SEO Package

Foundational SEO

$ 56
  • Value: $2500
  • Set-up Fee: $500

Add Lead Pilot

Content Platform

$ 150
  • Value: $299/Month
  • Content Library

Add Lead Magnet

Financial Quiz

$ 140
  • Value: $165
  • Quiz & Email System

4. Add Web Page Creation Package

10 pages web pages - $1000

The WordPress Difference?

There are reasons why 40% of all websites worldwide are built with WordPress (competitors Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, and Wix combine for 12.6%), a figure that continues to grow by double-digit percentage points every year.

1. Easy to use: Although building a site with WordPress is not as easy as it is sometimes advertised to be, we help our clients to become quite comfortable making edits, adding content, and publishing blog posts on their WordPress site.

2. Technology Updates: Website technology and design best practices are continuously evolving. Because it is an open-source platform and uses plugins for customization,  updates typically come to WordPress first and are easier to implement on your existing WordPress site than on other platforms.

For example:

      • Responsive Site Design: While we now take responsive design (allows your website to work for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices) for granted, when it was first introduced WordPress quickly responded with theme updates while other platforms required custom coding work.
      • Accelerated Mobile Page: AMP is a Google Project to offer a better user experience through faster delivery of mobile web pages. With WordPress this can be accomplished through the addition of a free WordPress plugin. Other platforms require custom coding, if it’s available at all.
      • Structured Data: Also known as Rich Snippets, can enhance your SERP listing making it more likely that a searcher will click on your result. Again, on most platforms, if available, it will require custom coding. On a WordPress website is simply means the addition of a free plugin.

3. Integration with Other Platforms: Due to its widespread use, other popular marketing platforms make sure that their software integrates with WordPress (i.e. Redtail, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Calendly, Live Chat, Broker Check, etc).

4. Performance: Search Engines love WordPress. By design, WordPress is very SEO-friendly. 

5. Control and Ownership: With our WordPress sites you own your domain, content, and Website.

The Advisor Web Marketing Difference?

In an industry full of fakes, flakes, false promises, and companies that mysteriously disappear mid-project, our web team has 10+ years of WordPress experience. Your website will be completed on time and on budget and will be built by a professional agency that specializes in working with Financial Advisors.

Are you ready to join businesses like Dow Jones, Reuters, and Kitces in treating your business to the advantages of WordPress?