Advisor SEO should be an investment
NOT an expense.

We help independent financial advisors dominate Google's first page through SEO.

SEO for Financial Advisors

The bottom line for your marketing is to grow your business at a cost that is less than the revenue that is generated, right? Sounds simple enough, but the challenge lies in sorting through all of the competing information, programs, and marketing options.

For the past 10+ years I’ve been obsessed with understanding how Google works and how to apply that knowledge to help financial firms grow their bottom lines through SEO.

“I have worked with Brent multiple times over the last several years, and have been completely satisfied every time. Brent went through my website and worked on SEO, local SEO optimization, and blogging/link back strategies, and within a few months, I was #1 on Google search for my targeted keywords.

He is also a fantastic educator and has provided our group of advisors with great information to be able to manage our own SEO strategies.

I highly recommend Brent as both an SEO and marketing expert, as well as a speaker.”
Advisor SEO Testimonial | Alan Moore, XYPN
Alan Moore
CEO of XY Planning Network

What I’ve Learned.

First, search engine optimization is “knowable.” There are concrete steps you can take to successfully get found by prospects online.

Second, no matter how much traffic you bring to your website, if you are not generating leads, it is worthless. Conversion optimization has to be part of the SEO process.

And finally, while search engine optimization can be simplified into a specific and well-defined strategy, it’s NOT easy or fast. There are no shortcuts, quick fixes, or easy buttons that work for the long term. Good SEO involves taking a holistic approach and customizing your plan based on your business, competitors, and location. It means ensuring your website, your core digital asset, can power the growth of your business for the long term.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization can no longer be isolated to just content and keywords. Good SEO in today’s world is also dependent on your website providing a good user experience (UX), fast and secure hosting, and conversion optimization. 

SEO Success Stories

The following chart is from Alturas Capital Partners, a commercial real estate investment fund. We performed a blog audit and managed their blog content starting in September 2018.

Advisor SEO Case Studies

SEO for Financial Advisors